Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Drawings Continued

Full Circle--IF Equipment (49-1)

Here I am, one day from the end of my 365 days. Unfortunately, I've been very distracted from posting and have missed all of April and half of May. I have been working, just not posting.

For the sake of Illustration Friday, these pictures are of lacrosse players and show their equipment--sticks, goggles, ball, uniforms, and cleats. You can't play this game without equipment!

For the sake of my team, these are my seniors. As I did last year, I created a pencil drawing of each of them which they will receive tonight at the school's awards ceremony. I've done this for several kids that play on teams that I coach, and they really enjoy them. In some cases their parents won't let them have them because the parents want to keep them.

As for this blog...well I've tried to keep it all in perspective. I've probably done more artwork becuase of it, even though my most recent posting absence would indicate otherwise. So tomorrow, I'll wrap it up as I mark my 50th birthday.